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Successful Grinder Rebuilds Rely on Good Communication

Last month, we covered the most important steps in preparing for a successful grinder rebuild.

This month, we’ll talk about what to expect during the actual remanufacturing process.  As with preparing for any type of machine tool rebuilding, when it comes to the project itself, communication is key.

Transparency from Start to Finish

Good communications start with a clearly written and carefully crafted quotation document. At GCH Machinery, we turn that document into your scope of work, which serves as the baseline for everything that comes after.

Based on that scope of work, we create a kick-off document that details the responsibilities of each GCH Machinery team for your specific grinder rebuild, and we review that document as a group at the kick-off meeting for your project. By the end of that meeting, everyone, from engineering to maintenance to manufacturing, knows his or her responsibilities on the project.

As a result, we create and share with you a project timeline for your machine’s rebuild, meaning you know exactly when each step should be completed. Another important component of our communications process is a bi-weekly update of that timeline, detailing which steps have been completed, as well as which steps are on, ahead or behind schedule.

Equally important is your project manager, who acts as your direct conduit to the production floor and can answer any questions you may have during your grinder rebuild. And, please, ask questions. You don’t need to wait for your next bi-weekly update – and you don’t need to just assume that everything will be OK. We’re glad to talk with our customers, and we want you to feel completely confident that your needs are being met throughout the remanufacturing process.

In fact, you can do better than just giving us a call. GCH Machinery has an open-door policy. We’re not hiding anything, so you can always feel free to stop in – even unannounced – to check the progress of your grinder rebuild.

Our emphasis on communication and transparency is the foundation of our relationship with you. Once you contract for remanufacturing services with GCH Machinery, you’re no longer our customer. At that point, we become partners, working together to ensure you can create great parts at a great rate.

Beyond ‘Just Like New’

Our innovative remanufacturing services mean you’ll end up with something more than just a grinder that works like new – it truly will be a new machine, rebuilt from the base up with new parts and new components, nothing reconditioned or reused.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our remanufacturing services and believe that this commitment to quality not only defines our company but also serves the very best interests of our customers.

Your Expectations Met – and Exceeded

Even if you don’t visit GCH Machinery during your grinder rebuild, you and/or the appropriate members of your team will be invited to our shop floor for product test runs once the remanufacture is complete. We’ll process the parts that you’ll be grinding once the machine is back at your facility, and you’ll have the chance to review the parts and make sure that they meet the requirements set out in your original quotation document.

Thanks to our carefully and consistently executed quality system, the parts should meet with your approval on the first test run. But, if something isn’t quite right, we’ll go back, figure out what created the issue and do the necessary work to ensure the machine operates exactly as outlined in your quote.

This is also your chance to review the completed machine to make sure each component fits your needs. Whether the screen colors seem off, or you want the control panel in a different location or some other adjustment is necessary, we can quickly and efficiently tweak your grinder on our shop floor to suit your requirements.

Once we have your final sign-off, GCH Machinery will send your grinder to a packaging specialist, who will carefully crate your rebuilt grinder to ensure it arrives at your shop in the same manner it left our shop.

The Final Touch

At GCH Machinery, we’re so confident in the quality of our remanufacturing services that each rebuilt grinder comes with a two-year warranty, as opposed to our competitors, who generally offer warranty periods lasting from six to 12 months.

GCH Machinery can offer a longer warranty because we do what we say we’re going to do on each rebuild project, and we stand behind our work.

If you’re looking for that level of confidence and satisfaction in your next grinder rebuild, you’re looking for GCH Machinery’s remanufacturing services. Contact us today to take advantage of our expertise.

A grinder rebuild is a major investment. Read these tips to make sure you’re ready to take possession of your rebuilt machine.


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